How To Get Traffic Without Relying On Google

Simple Traffic SolutionsAre you struggling to get traffic to your blog or website and wish you did not have to rely so much on Google? If so I recommend that you take a look at Simple Traffic Solutions by John Thornhill.

A few years ago John had his Google Adwords account shut down and he began to realize that Google has so many large corporate customers paying them billions of dollars that then can afford to be choosy with their customers.

John then looked at SEO as a way to climb up the page in Google search results but realised that many people spend months fine tuning their webpages to climb up the results only to have their work destroyed overnight when Google rolls out yet another change to their algorithm.

This is why John decided to step back and research ways of generating traffic which did not rely on Google at all.  He studied the vast range of alternative traffic generation methods, adjusted and improved them. The outcome of which is that he received over 2 billion hits using his twenty techniques without the traffic costing him a single cent.

In Simple Traffic Solutions he shares how he obtained all these clicks in a step-by-step way.

What do you get in Simple Traffic Solutions?

You get access to over 50 modules covering everything he knows about generating traffic. Each module is available in multiple formats so you can watch the videos online, on your iPhone or iPad.   John gives each method a rating of 1 to 5 stars so you can instantly see which methods worked best for him.

I can thoroughly recommend this amazingly comprehensive guide to getting traffic. It contains new insights and ideas for everyone; newbie to experienced Marketer.

Simple Traffic Solutions is currently just $4.95 and comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee so you have almost nothing to lose.

Why not check out Simple Traffic Solutions yourself and join me on the inside?

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