How To Automatically Add An Opt-In Box To Each Blog Post

I notice that several of my fellow students on John Thornhill’s MasterClass have an Opt-In Box at the end of each of their Blog Posts and wondered how they done this.

After searching through the MasterClass Forum I discovered an old post by one of my classmates Barry Wells.  He gave a link to a post on his Blog in which he has posted a video explaining How to Add an Opt-In Form To Every Post and also offers a free video on how to triple the traffic to your Blog.

Pop across to my classmate Barry’s Blog and see his post for yourself:

2 thoughts on “How To Automatically Add An Opt-In Box To Each Blog Post

  1. Barry Wells

    Hi Ian, thanks very much for posting about my video and linking to it.

    I see that you’ve already implemented the instruction and have your opt-in beneath your posts, fairplay Ian.

    I think this is a much better way of building our lists and a stronger relationship with our readers, due to the fact that we don’t slap a pop up in their face and interupt their reading.

    Best of luck with building your list Ian 😉

    I have many more videos that could help people with their blogs so be sure to check out my YouTube channel, (from follow me tab on my blog) 😉

    Thanks again Ian,

    Take care, Barry


    Ian Douglas Reply:

    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Thanks especially though for all the very useful and informative videos you are creating for us all.

    Just a reminder to visitors that you can view Barry’s videos on YouTube using the following link:




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