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John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 11

Well, I have made it to Week 11 of John Thornhill’s Masterclass and things are getting exciting!  You may recall that last week we made the final decision on our niche.  This week it’s time to “put our money where our mouth is” and purchase a domain for our product and to order our website/eBook graphics.

You may remember from previous posts that I have chosen the “Blog Security” niche for my product.  My first task this week was therefore to choose a name for my product.  John gave us a couple of guidelines; one of which is to ensure the product title is available as a “.com” domain.  It sounds so simple…

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 10

This week is an important and pivotal week as in it we have to finalize our niche.  I have already made a post about this week but have been distracted from the coaching for a few days so have gone through the week again to refresh my brain. I have mentioned in a previous post that I feel fairly strongly that I would like to write about Blog Security so as to help others avoid the mistakes I made.  The big problem however is that, sadly, I think that most people, like myself, don’t give the subject any thought until it happens to them and they try to log into their pride and joy one day only to find their beloved Blog has disappeared and instead they come face to face with a webpage displaying the flag of a 3rd World country with “cracked by Th3W12ar6 in 3.7 seconds” in big red letters below it.

Blog Security

Imagine the scene:

Mary is well known in her small English village for her cooking. Her chocolate cup cakes in particular are well admired on social occasions. One day her son calls round and, after tea, gets out his laptop and starts downloading emails.

“Are you online Mum?” asked John.

“Yes; I often chat with my sister via email.” She says proudly.

“Do you have a website?” John asks.

“Errr, no.” Says Mary.

“I can help you set up a Blog if you like so you can tell the whole world about your cup cakes.” He says.

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 9

Time to make a start on Masterclass Lesson 9. This week John gave us a run-through of the 3 basic types of products people buy. He then went on to give us a crash course about using ClickBank as a research tool. The idea behind this week being to help us narrow down our niche selection.

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 8

Masterclass week 8 has arrived. Unfortunately things look like they are now getting serious. No more fun playing around with the appearance of my blog… not even a single video tutorial! Instead a rather somber PDF telling us it is time to start getting down to business and begin the product creation phase of the course.

OMG! Just the thought of actually starting the product creation process has me shaking in my boots. Thankfully John is easing us into things gradually and in this lesson he takes us through the first stages of choosing a niche for my future product.

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 7

Wow. Masterclass week 7 is amazing! The main feature this week was a recording of John Thornhill’s Webinar. The main Webinar was about using our blogs as a tool to develop business relationships with each other however this was followed by a very comprehensive Question and answer session which covered quite a diverse range of topics related to the Masterclass. There were many very interesting points raised and John and his friends Dave Nicholson and Paula Brett were happy to share their knowledge and experience by giving some very useful and insightful answers to our questions.

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 5 & 6

Friends and family took priority over Christmas so I fell a bit behind with my lessons. With my Week 7 coaching due to arrive this evening I have been busy this week catching up with Weeks 5 & 6.

Week 5 covers Advanced Blogging Tactics. All the lessons during this week were optional but I decided to “get my hands dirty” and go through them anyway.

Freebies for Blog Readers or just Newsletter Subscribers?

I face a dilemma:

I am thinking of creating some brief, illustrated, step-by-step Guides to help my fellow MasterClass students overcome several common technical problems they appear to be having.  I will be happy to give these Guides away free.  My dilemma is how to distribute these freebies.

Should I give my guides free to anyone who visits my Blog (so as to make my name, and my blog, more well known)… or should I only release them to people who subscribe to my newsletter (so as to help my subscribers feel specially loved and appreciated and so stay loyal subscribers)?

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 4

Well, I am now into week 4 of John Thornhill’s Marketing MasterClass and it is perhaps time for an update.
So far we have learned how to obtain a domain in our own name, how to create an email account. how to open Google Adsense and ClickBank accounts, how to install a WordPress Blog into our new webspace to give us a home in cyberspace to use as our HQ, how to change the appearance of our Blog by installing a new Theme, and how to install a custom designed header and footer to personalize our Blog.
Thankfully, coming from a technical background, I have found the MasterClass coaching relatively straightforward so far… however there is one aspect I must admit I am having difficulty with; thinking of things to write about on this Blog!
Our chickens, the heavy snow and Christmas are ok to write about for a personal blog but as, with the help of this MasterClass Coaching, I hope to build an Internet Marketing business I really ought to start writing posts about this.  One thing I have discovered is that it seems many students are coming into the coaching without much technical knowledge.  There is nothing wrong in this as John has deliberately made the coaching very easy to follow with loads of step-by-step videos each week so even a beginner can keep up.  However perhaps one way I can help my fellow students, and find something to write about at the same time, is to focus my Blog on the technical aspects of the internet and website building; perhaps create and share some simple PHP/MySQL scripts people may find useful? This is why I have gone for a “digital world” style theme for this Blog.  By sharing code snippets with my fellow students, and by being helped by them in areas where I myself am weak, we can hopefully work together to make this seasons MasterClass students the most successful ever!