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Free 12 week Internet Marketing Course

I have recently come across an amazing Internet Marketing website run by Craig Dawber and Randy Smith which is definitely worth a visit.  Take a look at what they are offering at Amazingly they even offer a free 12 week coaching course!

If you join their very affordable membership site they give you everything you could ever need to make make more income and you can learn heaps of useful marketing techniques.

They also give you access to a private forum of people helping people which is in itself worth the miniscule membership, let alone all the great products that you get every single month!

Freebies for Blog Readers or just Newsletter Subscribers?

I face a dilemma:

I am thinking of creating some brief, illustrated, step-by-step Guides to help my fellow MasterClass students overcome several common technical problems they appear to be having.  I will be happy to give these Guides away free.  My dilemma is how to distribute these freebies.

Should I give my guides free to anyone who visits my Blog (so as to make my name, and my blog, more well known)… or should I only release them to people who subscribe to my newsletter (so as to help my subscribers feel specially loved and appreciated and so stay loyal subscribers)?