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Why Keep Old Backups Of Your Blog Or Website?

Many gurus will stress the importance of making backups of your blog or website in case your website is hacked or a “routine” software update goes wrong. This is excellent advice; particularly if you store the backups offline rather than in your webspace.

There is quite a range of software available which will do this automatically. Backup files can however be very large so many of these programs will create rolling backups which consist of, typically, the backups from each day of the last week. When they have created the backup on day 8 they delete the day 1 backup and then when they create the day 9 backup they delete the day 2 backup. This keeps the repository containing the stored backups at a managable size and ensures you have a weeks worth of the freshest daily backups.

How To Automatically Add An Opt-In Box To Each Blog Post

I notice that several of my fellow students on John Thornhill’s MasterClass have an Opt-In Box at the end of each of their Blog Posts and wondered how they done this.

After searching through the MasterClass Forum I discovered an old post by one of my classmates Barry Wells.  He gave a link to a post on his Blog in which he has posted a video explaining How to Add an Opt-In Form To Every Post and also offers a free video on how to triple the traffic to your Blog.