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Why Keep Old Backups Of Your Blog Or Website?

Many gurus will stress the importance of making backups of your blog or website in case your website is hacked or a “routine” software update goes wrong. This is excellent advice; particularly if you store the backups offline rather than in your webspace.

There is quite a range of software available which will do this automatically. Backup files can however be very large so many of these programs will create rolling backups which consist of, typically, the backups from each day of the last week. When they have created the backup on day 8 they delete the day 1 backup and then when they create the day 9 backup they delete the day 2 backup. This keeps the repository containing the stored backups at a managable size and ensures you have a weeks worth of the freshest daily backups.

John Thornhills MasterClass – Week 10

This week is an important and pivotal week as in it we have to finalize our niche.  I have already made a post about this week but have been distracted from the coaching for a few days so have gone through the week again to refresh my brain. I have mentioned in a previous post that I feel fairly strongly that I would like to write about Blog Security so as to help others avoid the mistakes I made.  The big problem however is that, sadly, I think that most people, like myself, don’t give the subject any thought until it happens to them and they try to log into their pride and joy one day only to find their beloved Blog has disappeared and instead they come face to face with a webpage displaying the flag of a 3rd World country with “cracked by Th3W12ar6 in 3.7 seconds” in big red letters below it.

Blog Security

Imagine the scene:

Mary is well known in her small English village for her cooking. Her chocolate cup cakes in particular are well admired on social occasions. One day her son calls round and, after tea, gets out his laptop and starts downloading emails.

“Are you online Mum?” asked John.

“Yes; I often chat with my sister via email.” She says proudly.

“Do you have a website?” John asks.

“Errr, no.” Says Mary.

“I can help you set up a Blog if you like so you can tell the whole world about your cup cakes.” He says.