About Me


Hi. My name is Ian Douglas and I am passionate about helping people start and grow their own online business.

I worked in the IT Department of a major British telecomms company for 20 years before becoming frustrated at the lack of simple training for non-technical people wanting to begin building a second income by starting their own online business.

After leaving my job I began writing step-by-step screenshot illustrated guides showing people the basics of internet marketing and created over a dozen books.

I also created this blog to share tips and advice I picked up, and continue to learn, during my journey to financial freedom.

However even the most successful journey must begin with taking those first few trembling baby steps.

Have you, yourself ever thought about beginning to build a second income by starting your own online business? If so I hope that you find my tips and advice in this blog interesting and useful. I would however encourage you not just to read about starting a business but to take action and actually do something to start your journey.

Remember that become successful you need both to learn the psychological as well as technical aspects of running your online business. In this blog I will therefore cover things you may need to change about the way you think about your business as well as covering technical tutorials.

If you are to become successful you need to view your business as a business even if the money you make is only small to start with. You need to develop a positive, professional outlook right from the start.

So here we go. Let’s make a start as you begin your journey. If you have not already done so I suggest that you sign up to my newsletter so you can get a free copy of the eBook $5 a month. This book takes you through the steps of learning how to make your fist few dollars online. You make think that $5 per month is not much. Well it isn’t BUT IT IS A START. Take that first step and begin your online journey!