Why Keep Old Backups Of Your Blog Or Website?

Many gurus will stress the importance of making backups of your blog or website in case your website is hacked or a “routine” software update goes wrong. This is excellent advice; particularly if you store the backups offline rather than in your webspace.

There is quite a range of software available which will do this automatically. Backup files can however be very large so many of these programs will create rolling backups which consist of, typically, the backups from each day of the last week. When they have created the backup on day 8 they delete the day 1 backup and then when they create the day 9 backup they delete the day 2 backup. This keeps the repository containing the stored backups at a managable size and ensures you have a weeks worth of the freshest daily backups.

What Is Crowdsourcing? How can it help me find paid writing, translation and research jobs?

So far on this blog I have been talking about building your own business centered on creating your own website and/or blog and/or product. This remains my first choice for generating an income stream. However building a business this way often means that you have to work for months before you begin to receive any sales or commission payments. In contrast to this I have recently received some emails from a couple of my blog subscribers asking if I could recommend ways of getting money coming in NOW rather than in several months time. I will therefore take a short break from my usual Internet Marketing topics to chat about four Crowd Sourcing companies that I work for and explain how they allow you to get paid for work you do for them.

How To Get Traffic Without Relying On Google

Simple Traffic SolutionsAre you struggling to get traffic to your blog or website and wish you did not have to rely so much on Google? If so I recommend that you take a look at Simple Traffic Solutions by John Thornhill.

A few years ago John had his Google Adwords account shut down and he began to realize that Google has so many large corporate customers paying them billions of dollars that then can afford to be choosy with their customers.

Ian Douglas Internet Marketing is now on FaceBook

I have finally taken the plunge and have set up a FaceBook Fan Page. It is at http://www.facebook.com/iandouglasinternetmarketing and is currently feeling a little lonely so if anyone could pop across and “like” my page to help get it off the ground it would be very much appreciated.

It will be interesting to discover if having a presence on FaceBook will bring any extra traffic to my blog. I will watch my logs and report back later.

Free Maian Support Ticket Software

Visitors occasionally ask me about the Free Maian Support Ticket HelpDesk software I use with this blog. I obtained it from Maian and am quite impressed with it. If you are looking for Support Ticket HelpDesk software for your own website or blog you can download it free from HERE.

How To Automatically Add An Opt-In Box To Each Blog Post

I notice that several of my fellow students on John Thornhill’s MasterClass have an Opt-In Box at the end of each of their Blog Posts and wondered how they done this.

After searching through the MasterClass Forum I discovered an old post by one of my classmates Barry Wells.  He gave a link to a post on his Blog in which he has posted a video explaining How to Add an Opt-In Form To Every Post and also offers a free video on how to triple the traffic to your Blog.

Ian Douglas

My name is Ian Douglas and I have just read an interesting article by Keith of Whitehaven.

After reading it I decided to check my own Google Ranking and was shocked to find that although I own several domains with variations of my name my highest ranking website only appears on page 5 if I search Google UK for the term Ian Douglas.

Unfortunately my name is a much more common name than I thought and if I do a Google search there are quite a few famous people (including several authors) who share my name. I notice Wikipedia ranks quite highly for Ian Douglas so, as it is an “authority site” I am including a link to it in this post.

I Want A Bigger List

I Want A Bigger List - How to grow your list using GiveawaysI have just completed the first draft of my freebie List Building eBook “I Want A Bigger List!“.

Every Guru seems to place a lot of emphasis on building a large responsive Mailing List.

How many times have you heard people say “The Money Is In The List”?

The problem is that although they say you must grow your list, and suggest Giveaways as an idea way to achieve this, very few actually bother to explain step-by-step the actual process you need to go through to participate in a Giveaway as a Contributor.

MasterClass Blog Carnival

Mandy Allen is organizing a MasterClass Blog Carnival and I have submitted two posts on the theme of “passion” my first post is “Be Passionnate About Your Product” and my second is “The Tears Of An Angel”. This will be the first time I have taken part in a Blog Carnival so it is quite exciting! The Carnival will be launched around 1 May and I will publish details about it here on this blog so stay tuned!